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Fruity Cocktail

Y O U  H A V E  Q U E S T I O N S​,
W E  H A V E  A N S W E R S

What type of events do you service?

We believe that life is worth celebrating! We are ready and open to serving weddings, birthdays, showers, reunions, corporate events and everything in between.

Where are you located & how far do you travel?

Bar Hopper is based out of Somersworth, NH. We service New Hampshire & Southern Maine. Please note, fees are applied for long distance travel.

Is alcohol included in your pricing?

Alcohol is not included in our pricing. State laws prevent us from providing the alcohol. But we are damn good at serving it!

How will we know what to buy?

After you have booked Bar Hopper, we will chat beer/wine/liquor details ensuring that we create the perfect shopping list. We'll provide product details and quantities to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Can you serve mocktails?

You betcha! While we strongly believe alcohol makes the dance floor a better place, we understand that there are circumstances that call for mocktails! We specialize in creating a memorable experience whether alcohol is involved or not.

Are you insured?

While we're here to make sure everyone has a good time, we do find importance in making sure everyone gets home safe. We carry general & liquor liability and have a strict no shots policy.

How big is Bar Hopper?

Bar Hopper is 18 feet long hitch to bumper, just under 8ft wide. It's important that your event space allows space for us to safely park the bar with our vehicle, unhitch & then move the vehicle. Our service window is located on the driver's side of the vehicle. This is important info when planning event set up!

How do we power Bar Hopper?

We require access to an electrical outlet power source when using our kegerator or when your event will take place at night. If you are having an offsite event or don’t have direct access to power, we can provide a generator for an additional charge.

How early should we book with you?

As soon as you can! We receive many inquiries and want to make sure we can make it to your event. 

How do I book?

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